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11-Aug-2016 16:02

PS If you are single, you need to get your Wingman to sign you up.

There’s nothing more exciting that putting two people you think are great together, and watching them discover just how great they are.

The app lets users create a profile for their single friends, including their most attractive qualities and a picture of them.

Users can then browse profiles created by other users and search for a match for their single friend.

The app’s creator is a London-based woman who wanted to create an easy way for friends to recommend dates.

If you want to select dates for a friend, they need to accept your invite to the app first.

The app pulls basic, editable info from your Facebook, but incorporates your friends’ feedback (with your approval) on what makes you so darn special.

At least, until they break up and it’s all your fault for having introduced them.

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Back when dating websites started, My Single was one of the most popular.

The Wingman is never seen, it’s all about being a support for your friend and doing them some good.