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04-Oct-2016 21:27

The loss of support is one of the driving reasons to upgrade your Power i system.This means those still running V6R1 come September 30, 2015 will lose premium support and program service.Q5: How do I update firmware using service partition?A5: Firmware update using service partition is a two-step process.” or even “I thought that green screen system was dead.” There are still plenty of rumors out there – the AS/400 is a dinosaur (true), the talent pool is shrinking (true), and the AS/400 is a closed system and cannot integrate with anything else (true). IBM i (and predecessors AS/400, i Series, the Power i, etc.) has been around for decades (here’s a great timeline), and during its lifetime, it has been a workhorse for thousands of companies around the world.It sits quietly in the corner, without complaining too much, and just continues to run and process transactions.However, none of these reasons is more daunting than the fact that IBM is withdrawing support for the Operating System V6R1 starting on September 30, 2015.

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Now your computer can keep up with even your heaviest multitasking.However, more and more, this system is being labeled obsolete by the new systems (and the younger generation).