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It’s become a standard trope in the movies, but it’s one that any “nice guy” will agree rings true. Typical Boorish-Boyfriend Behavior: Cheats on Nicole with a caterer in a bathroom at a kid’s birthday party. (1987)Jerk of All Trades: Hardy Jenns, the rich, Corvette-driving ex-boyfriend of Amanda (Leah Thompson).Boyfriends (or jealous ex-boyfriends) of the film’s love interest are sure to be some combination of three characteristics: wealthy, snobby, unfaithful. Typical Boorish-Boyfriend Behavior: Refers to his girlfriend as “his property,” cheats on her, and then arranges a whole house party just so he can beat up Keith (Eric Stoltz).ALOT of "1979" Strats with S9 serial numbers I've recently seen online appear to be from 1980, including the Strat I bought.

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Now and then, mostly during the hyperactive musical numbers, the actors' limbs start to elongate, in the manner of old cartoons. They are believed to just be some kind of quality check stamps.Pot Codes: MMMYYWW Example: 1377818 - In 1977 found on the side of the pots, moved to the bottom (and unfortunately sometimes covered with solder) in 1978.That’s a solid hold, in line with that of Marvel’s last three movies, but “Ninja Turtles” over-performed to make a blowout of what had been expected to be a close weekend race.

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Warner Bros.’ “Into the Storm” did the best of the weekend’s three other wide openers on Friday with an estimated .4 million, which puts the twister tale on pace for a three-day total of roughly million and third place.

Also read: Critics Shell ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ With Bad Reviews: 10 Takedowns to Consider Disney’s Marvel superhero space romp brought in .3 million Friday from a market-high 4,080 theaters and is looking at a million second-week total.