Danny fernandes and nichole cordova dating

08-Aug-2016 04:17

Aunque salieron de gira, Fernandes y Nichole Córdova, de Girlicious, ambas personas habían afirmado que han estado saliendo desde finales de 2008.

Cordova is a member of the musical group Girlicious.He became the youngest member of the Toronto Raptors' famed Dance Pak and began to appear regularly as a backup dancer in music videos.After graduating from Cherrytree Public School, Danny started playing showcases at clubs in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria), Fernandes signed with the Canadian CP Records (Capital Prophet Records) and released his debut album Intro.A los 16 años, Danny Fernandes ganó dos premios consecutivos en el concurso de baile anual de la CNE celebrado en la Escuela Pública Cherrytree (Ottawa, Ontario).

Se convirtió en el miembro más joven del famoso grupo de baile de los Toronto Raptors y comenzó a aparecer regularmente como bailarín en los videos musicales.Intro is the debut album of pop singer Danny Fernandes. The album features the hit singles "Curious" (featuring Juelz Santana), "Private Dancer (featuring Belly)," "Fantasy", "Never Again", and "Addicted". CP Records has recently secured a US release for Fernandes through a newly signed deal with Miami-based VIP Music.

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