Chat with a fuck buddy without ever paying a dime

21-Feb-2016 09:45

The bottom line is this: Women don’t know what the f~~~ they really want. We know EXACTLY what we want: Sex or blow jobs about 3 or 4 times a week, a good pizza or burger every now and then, and about one day a week that we can go do stuff that we like, whether it’s poker or golf or what have you. Women, on the other hand, have NO CLUE what they want.

They’ve been told they can have it all, that they need to be this or that, that they need to do this or that. they don’t know, but they sure feel like whatever it is, it’s not enough, life sucks, and they need to take their unhappiness out on you. All the wedding and receptions I see know are really just a celebration by the woman for the glorification of herself.

I think most women can’t help trying to control their husbands – the irony is that they are increasingly miserable and insecure if they succeed.

Deep down they don’t like being controlling and start despising their husband’s weakness and feel insecure because it’s like they are their husband’s mother while he is a child, leaving them the only adult in the house.

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I later figured out that Montgomery, with his superior debating skills, usually won the arguments, and I lost.

Liane Leedom, sociopaths want three things in life: Power, control and sex.

Often, sex is simply an extension of their desire for power and control.

Not only have I been burned in the past by loaning money to females, but I have been burned by women who were very honest and responsible.

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(I’ve done similar to this a few times now, and it’s fun to watch the gold-digging bitches squirm when you turn the tables on them.) Let me tell you something from a guy who’s been around the block a few times.

The most egregious cases of sex-as-power, of course, are sexual assault and rape.

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